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About the Artist

Carson is a fused glass artist living in Northern Ontario on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior. Carson's work encompasses a wide range of 'kiln formed' creations, from jewelry to functional items and art.  She is inspired by the magic of the Lake and the wilderness that surrounds it.  She weaves these elements into her art using an abstract for interpretation.

At Carson Merriefield its all about the glass. "It is a joy to work with glass, whether I am using glass sheets, liquid or powders  I get to capture light and colour - solidifying it forever.  Glass is a mercurial substance bound by chemistry... affording me endless opportunities to push boundaries.. to explore."

Various techniques are used in the creation of the art pieces. The glass may be painted, cut, ground, drilled or sawed somewhere in the process before or after being placed in the kiln. Many powdered abstract pieces have  multiple firings providing the opportunity to acquire depth.

Carson Merriefield designs are signed  handcrafted originals.  Sterling silver findings and Metal clay are often used in production of her jewelry pieces; unless otherwise stated in the article’s description.

Metal clay is a revolutionary new material developed in Japan in 1991. The metal clay consists of pure silver in tiny particles smaller than 20 microns. These particles are mixed in an organic binder and water formula. During the firing process in the kiln, the binder burns away and you are left with pure silver which can be hallmarked .999 fine silver.

Carson is self taught, and loves to pursue her art searching out new techniques with other glass artists.