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  • Animals

    Beautiful sepia images of the animals of Northern Ontario. These handcrafted images are fused on to the glass and will not wear off.  They come with a silver-plated bail and gift bag.  Custom orders are available.

  • Art

    This collection moves beyond jewelry to articles you can enjoy in your home. These glass images are 'kiln worked' and each piece is a  handcrafted original.

  • Birds

    Beautiful sepia images of the birds of Northern Ontario.  These handcrafted images are fused on to the glass and will not wear off. They come with a silver-plated bail and gift bag. Custom orders are available.

  • Bracelets

    Colourful patterns and colours made from handcrafted fused glass.

  • Buttons

    This collection consists of 'kiln worked' glass buttons with  either glued shanks or drilled holes. They come in various sizes & colours and are handcrafted originals.   Custom orders are available.

  • Christmas

    Beautiful 'kiln worked' glass Christmas images and fun Christmas trees to adorn your home and gifts. They come in a special pouch.

  • Colour and Form

    This collection is inspired by the power of Lake Superior and the wilderness that surrounds it.  Lake Superior is the most northern Great Lake and is the largest body of fresh water in the world.  The glass pieces are 'kiln worked' and hand cut with a diamond saw.   They come in their own gift box or pouch.

  • Earrings

    All earrings are hand cut and 'kiln worked' glass with sterling silver ear wires or posts.

  • Images

    These sepia images can be designed for your home, personal or business in a variety of sizes, images, shapes, colours, and objects.  Personalized  photos of pets, - in any size. Perfect for advertising your business logo. These handcrafted images are fused on to the glass and will not wear off.   Custom orders are available.

  • Insects

    Beautiful sepia images of insects.  These handcrafted images are fused on to the glass and will not wear off.  They come with a silver-plated bail and gift bag.  Custom orders are available.

  • Jewelry

    The jewelry collection consists of a variety of styles, from vintage with its antique buttons; to resonate with dichroic glass and to colour and form with hand cut cut designs reflecting nature and Lake Superior. Go visit each and explore.

  • Knobs and Pulls

    Fused Glass custom designed and handcrafted - Knobs and Pulls.  These colourful, organic and geometric patterns can be used for any cabinet or drawer. The knobs come approx. 1 1/4 inches in diameter and approx. 1/4 inch thick.  The Pulls are on a 3 inch centre, approx. 4-1/2 inch long, and approx. 1 inch wide. Standard 8-32 1 inch screw. Choice of brushed nickel; oil rubbed bronze; and chrome hardware.  Custom sizes are available.  

    The Knobs and Pulls listed represent a sampling of finished choices.  Also listed are images of glass pieces mounted on cards, these can be ordered to be made into the knob/pull of your choice.   Please speak to me directly using  the contact page, to place an order with these cards; for any custom work, or the availability of quantities.

  • Northern - Pictographs - Agawa Bay


    The Pictographs Collection is inspired by the Agawa Rock Pictographs that loom over the shore of Lake Superior in Lake Superior Park. These red ochre figures, painted on the rock face, reflect the magic and myth of the Ojibwe people, a sacred place to connect with the land and it's history. Each glass piece is hand cut with a diamond saw then 'kiln worked'. The framed pieces are mounted on linen and framed with acid free mats. All of these pieces are  handcrafted originals.  

  • Platters

    Colourful, organic and geometric patterns of functional art for the table and the home. Each fused glass piece is a handcrafted original.

  • Resonate

    This Jewelry collection is inspired by the beauty of rock and water as they dance together in the pristine waters of Lake Superior. This collection is created with Dichroic Glass exclusively.  This glass has the ability to resonate with energy as it changes colour with light & background.  Although designed for the aerospace industry, as a glass artist, dichroic glass is simply loved for its beauty.  The glass is 'kiln worked' and each piece is a handcrafted original and come in a gift box or pouch.

  • Seasonal

    Images of our favourite times of the year in 'kiln worked' glass.  Custom images are available.

  • Vintage

    Rare antique buttons and other 'found' objects ranging from 1820 to 1940 are incorporated into 'kiln worked' glass pieces in the vintage collection.  Semi precious stones and sterling silver are often included in the necklaces .  The glass creations are handcrafted originals and comes in special gift box or pouch